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I have been making and decorating cakes for several years. I had taken all the local Wilton basic classes but wanted to learn everything about cake design. So, I invested in my future by taking a class in New York City with Collet Petter, one of the best cake designers in the US. The classes were amazing and I learned techniques for decorating all types of cakes from wedding to 3D designs.
Since that time, people have asked me for classes, so I have decided to share my expertise on cake design with you.  When you complete these classes, you, too, will be on the way to creat perfect and creative cakes and cupcakes while amaze those important and thankful customers.


The course will be organized by 7  sections: all about cupcakes techniques, Baking tips, ice perfect cakes and cover them with fondant,  fondant design - techniques, , stencil and piping, sugar flowers, 3D cakes, hand modeling (animals and people), stacking a cake in a regular or whimsical way, and finally yummy cake and fillings recipes.

Duration: 28 hours ( seven days - 4 hours per day).

Materials: Everything will be provided.


Cupcakes : Day 1 .
1. Filling Cupcakes techniques.
2. Different ways for icing Cupcakes; tips used 2D, 1M AND 2A.
3. Cover cupcakes with Ganache.
4. Modern or Fabric fondant flowers.
5. Flowers made with cutters.
6. Edible paper for toppers.

Basic cakes preparation and icing:
1. Baking tips, set up the cake and crumb coating it with icing.
2. Textures for icing cakes: Antique and lines.
3. Basket weave technique made with icing.
4. Ice cakes for fondant (round and square cakes).

Cover round, square and cushion cakes with fondant: Day 2.
Cover a cake with fondan; square and round.
2.Edge cutter, crimper and Molds.
3.Cakes edges made with icing.
4.Inexpensive boards cover with icing.

Fondant Techniques: Day 3.
3.Run inn Technique.
5.All kind of molds and cutters.
6.Wood appearance made in fondant.



Stencil and piping:
Day 4.
1.Piping over stencils: On Fondant cakes and iced cakes.
2.Bows: 3 different bows styles.

Hand modeling figures and Isomalt  technique : Day 4.
1.Isomalt brooches.
2.Human shapes.
3.Animal shapes.
4.Make your own molds.

Sugar flowers: Day 5.
Rose , Alstroemeria, small filling flowers, Hydrangea and Peony.

3D cakes or carving a cake: Day 6.
Small hand Bag cake project.

Stacking cakes: Day 7.
1.Wood dowels technique.
2.Stress free steal rings holders.
3.Vanilla and chocolate recipe.
4.Italian Butter cream recipe.
5.Fruits Curds.

Course Price: $1000.

For more Information:
Contact Natalia at 336-456-2992.
E mail : extrcakes@hotmail.com